ICORN is a trade analysis platform to automate
trade in digital assets.

Make money on trending areas of the financial
market using ICORN’s AI technology
and algorithmic trading.

How does the platform work?
ICORN’s monitoring system
collects data from trade and
news resources in real time.
The data collected by the
ICORN platform is ranked
and processed using complex algorithms
AI technology selects promising
digital assets based on ICORN’s
ICORN’s trading algorighm buys the
digital assets that have been selected and sells them when they reach an acceptable price level.


You control your
own funds

There’s no need to place your funds under management. All ICORN trades take place in your own account on the exchange


You get to see all the
statistics during the
entire process

The entire ICORN system operates transparently. Statistics and reports are all reflected on the platform and the exchange for every single trade.


You only pay to sign on

Access to the ICORN platform is subscription-based. There are no commissions or hidden payments. You pay a set sum.


You get a ready-made

The ICORN platform is
completely automated
and handles the entire
decision-making cycle independently.

The ICORN Advantage

ICORN’s back office with its friendly interface

makes it easy for even an inexperienced user to figure out the functions of the platform.

The ICORN platform works autonomously

and interacts with the user’s account on the exchange through a secure API connection.

Risk management

During the trading process, ICORN applies risk management and stop-loss processes, minimizing drawdowns

24/7 work

Unlike humans, algorithms don’t let emotions get in the way and they don’t need breaks. Everything works on the basis of cold mathematical calculations.

Platform indicators
MonthProfit, ВТСProfit, %
december - -
november 0.04866 + 8.1
october 0.04291 + 7.15
september 0.05118 + 8.53
august 0.05496 + 9.16
july 0.02592 + 4.32
june 0.03204 + 5.34
may 0.04049 + 6.74
april 0.00348 + 5.57
march 0.04842 + 8.07
february 0.02678 + 4.45
january 0.02476 + 4.12
total 0.4296 71.55%
MonthProfit, ВТСProfit, %
december - -
november 0.06216 + 10.36
october 0.0501 + 8.35
september 0.05304 + 8.84
august 0.05868 + 9.78
july 0 0
june 0 0
may 0 0
april 0 0
march 0 0
february 0 0
january 0 0
total 0.22398 37.33%
How to start using ICORN
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Step 1.

Register on the ICORN platform

Open and fill your account at the BINANCE


Link up the ICORN trading algorithm through your API connection